Monthly Archives: January 2017

Choosing the Right Base for Your Lockers

From top to bottom and beyond, there’s a lot to consider about the new lockers you’re planning! Bases are yet another important element for you to consider. Most new lockers are installed on top of a base, something that sits between the locker and the floor. This is done primarily to keep harsh chemicals in…
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Determining the Lifecycle Cost of Lockers

  “Do I spend a little more for a better-quality product? Or do I go for the cheaper option and save some money, even if it means replacing it sooner?” These are the perpetual questions people ask when it comes to just about every purchase consideration that they must make, including the cost of lockers.…
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The Rising Trend of Package Delivery Lockers

ackage or parcel delivery lockers are the intelligent locker systems that allow retailers to connect more easily with buyers during the delivery process. These locker systems came about as the trend of purchasing goods online began to grow, and many of the national package delivery companies found that the last mile of the delivery chain,…
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