“The DeBourgh lockers have proven to be superior in function and quality.  They receive heavy use during football and track seasons and they have exceeded expectations.”

From Pasco, Washington,


“We called a college who has had the competitor’s locker for approximately four years as well as the DeBourgh locker.  The maintenance director said ‘he could not recommend the competitor’s locker’, ‘the doors are very flimsy’, ‘latches require constant maintenance’, but ‘he highly recommends the DeBourgh locker’.”

From Sahuarita, Arizona,




“We are in the process of securing bids for 50 to 100 new lockers.  We are specifying DeBourgh lockers.  Our others (DeBourgh lockers) were bought in 1988 and have been in one of our athletic facilities.  They have been great.”


From Moor, Oklahoma,