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Rebel Features

[lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="550" delay="50"] [caret_list] Locker Construction All-welded locker constructed from 18 or 16 gauge steel No bolts, screws, or rivets used in assembly of locker unit Continuous door strike on both latch and hinge side Available in one-, two-, or three-tiered options Continuous door strike on both latch and hinge side Doors Formed doors…
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First Responder Common Configurations

[lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="550" delay="50"] [row_fluid] [span4] F242461-HDP1 [/span4] [span4] F242461-HDP2 [/span4] [span4] F242461-HDP3 [/span4] [/row_fluid][row_fluid] [span4] F242461-HDP4 [/span4] [span4] F242461-HDP5 [/span4] [span4] F242461-HDP6 [/span4] [/row_fluid][row_fluid] [span4] F242461-HDP7 [/span4] [span4] F242461-HDP8 [/span4] [span4] F242461-HDP9 [/span4] [/row_fluid] [/lazy_load_box]
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Finishing Details

[row_fluid] [one_third] [/one_third] [two_third] Sloped Top Sloped Tops prevent accumulation of books, clothes, and other materials on top of lockers. DeBourgh constructs the 18 gauge slope top as a separate unit from the locker. This allows the lockers to be moved into a recessed area at a later time if desired. The slope top is…
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Hinge Options

[row_fluid] [one_half] 5-Knuckle Hinge DeBourgh's 5-knuckle hinge is the strongest, longest-lasting hinge in the industry. Constructed of 14 ga. steel and welded to both the frame and door for invincible strength and low maintenance using fast, tight pin construction.  This hinge is available on angle iron and formed sheet metal lockers. [/one_half] [one_half] Piano Hinge…
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Latching Options

  [row_fluid] [one_third] [gallery type="slideshow" link="none" ids="4402,4411"] [/one_third] [two_third] Sentry I Turn-Handle Latch The Sentry I latch provides a 3-point/3-sided latch for optimal security. With an all-welded hinge, it provides 4-sided security with 3/8" diameter steel rods that fit smoothly into the top and bottom of the frame. This latching mechanism will accept a padlock…
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Door Ventilation

[row_fluid] [span4] Solid 0% Ventilation Available on angle iron and formed sheet metal products. [/span4] [span4] Louvered 7% Ventilation Available on angle iron and formed sheet metal products. [/span4] [span4] Secur-n-Vent 21% Ventilation Available on angle iron and formed sheet metal products [/span4] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span6] Diamond Perforation 37% Ventilaton Available on angle iron and…
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Centennial Overview

[lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="550" delay="50"] We deliver what we promise, products that are built to last. Our new Centennial Locker is no exception to that promise. This product was designed with recreation and fitness centers in mind.  Now you can have the strength and durability of a high quality metal locker body from DeBourgh with the…
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Military Features

[lazy_load_box effect="slidefromleft" speed="550" delay="50"] DeBourgh TA-50 gear storage lockers offer the following features: [caret_list] 1" x 1" continuous angle iron frames All-welded construction 45 cu. ft. of storage space for equipment or uniforms Expanded metal sides provide 73% ventilation per square inch Solid sheet, 18-gauge backs welded to frames of sides and intermediate partitions 16-gauge…
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