After-Hours Delivery

After-Hours Delivery

    • Problem: Most stores can’t justify keeping their businesses open 24/7. Some customers are unable to stop by during regular store hours. Often the customer is in dire need for the supplies to continue work the next day.  The storekeeper then has to stay late for the customer or the customer has to sacrifice valuable time to get supplies before the store closes.


    • Solution: The supplier receives the order and payment information by phone or online during business hours. Then they place the purchase in a secure locker outside the store. The customer receives an email or text with a unique, one-time code for opening the locker. The customer drops by at a time that works best for their schedule and uses the code to retrieve the merchandise.


    • DeBourgh Experience: DeBourgh initially partnered with a chain of welding supply stores to design a locker for this specific purpose. The rollout was successful. This locker system is versatile and can easily be adapted to fit the needs of various supply stores, and any other type of store with similar customer needs, for after-hour pickup of purchases.
    • If you’re looking for this solution or for a partner with expertise in fabricating metal lockers for after-hours delivery, please contact us.


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