Internet of Things and Secure Lockers

The Internet of Things, also referred to as IoT, is the conglomeration of devices that collect and share data via the internet. If something is connected to the internet, other than a PC or smartphone, it is likely included in

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Do You Need More Secure or Flexible Inventory Control?

warehouse and office employees lockers

Unmanned inventory control is a growing need as “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store”, and flex and multi-use space continue to be implemented and evolve. Protecting assets against theft, cyberattacks, and overall security issues is a concern that is growing

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Safety and Security for School Resource Officers

school resource officer

School Resource Officers (SROs) storing weapons at their schools may be a controversial subject. Whether or not this is allowed, must be a decision by the school, parents, and students, and the overall administrative team.  However, if the decision is

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Smarter Lockers Needed for Today’s Work Environment

Today’s work environment is changing. Even offices that aren’t being built with shared space and adaptive technologies are seeing the need for increased security and flexibility. Real estate is moving towards smart technology, integrating security systems, heating/cooling, electrical/lighting, and electronics

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Are Plastic Laminate Lockers Right for Your College?

Vandalized laminate locker. Plastic laminate lockers are the new arrival in the arena of collegiate lockers, but are they the right fit for your space? As with anything, the answer often comes down to their location, required use, and maintenance.

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The Game Changer in Traditional Locker Spaces: Keyless.Co, LLC Versus Traditional Locker Locks

An internet search of the term “Locker Failure” offers several links, videos, and images of people trying to access lost combinations, pick stuck or jammed locks, or deal with other malfunctions. The irony is that these failures are not necessarily

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Flex Office: What Works and What Doesn’t in Today’s New Office

Building owners, business owners, and managers seeking the best use of space and increased employee productivity are considering coworking spaces and flex offices. The concept is that workstations that aren’t used 100% of the day can be put to better

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101 on Asset Tracking Technology (or “Content Surveillance”)


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Our Top 6 Creative Uses for Intelligent Lockers


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Open Space Office? Why Personal Lockers are So Important


Co-working and open office space plans seem to be the new way to encourage creativity and collaboration. Proponents of the concept say it creates more transparency and relationship-building, while those who oppose it state it can be noisy, distracting, and

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